heathcare is going virtual

traditional work comp models are in jeopardy

Splashlight's innovative telehealth solution disrupts the current landscape of workers' compensation healthcare delivery.

CHC Teleheatlh Solutions

leading the virtual healthcare movement

Pioneering the next generation of workers’ comp claims and case management.

Self-funded employers, TPAs, and carriers are often overwhelmed trying to control costs – Splashlight can help! With decades of combined healthcare and technology experience, we understand the gaps and challenges of the current healthcare system. To address these challenges, we leverage disruptive technology that removes geographic care barriers, actively involves patients in their own care, improves patient-provider collaboration, and reduces inefficiencies.

Our telehealth solutions provides a vehicle for exceptional patient care and early compensability determination.

Telehealth is one of the fastest growing industry in the U.S.

Telehealth Facts

Telehealth Facts

Work Comp Challenges

Gaps in Care
provider shortage
lost time 
fragmented care 
late reporting 
inconsistent documentation 
treatment lag times
gaps / leakage 
lost productivity 
laborious administrative tasks 

Our Telehealth Solution

  • Coordinated Care
immediate access to quality care
 early return to work (RTW)
 eliminating barriers / aligning priorities
  • Proactive
 real-time reporting
centralized communication
 immediate access to information
  • Invaluable
 instant report
 improved productivity
 automated workflow
Splashlight Telehealth

Outcomes-Based Solution

Improving health outcomes & increasing competitive advantage.

Technology Features

  • Seamless Integration
  • Cloud based
  • Immediate access to care
  • HIPAA Compliant Platform
  • Workflow Automation
  • Mobile Access
  • Telepresence connected to process
  • Comprehensive, chronologically managed reporting

A Catalyst in Healthcare Evolution

Splashlight’s telehealth technology uses the latest innovations in medical technology, including cameras, wireless scopes, software and mobile medical carts. Our virtual care system includes, 24/7 triage expertise, video/audio communication technologies, automated scheduling, hardware interface, and interchangeable components as well as cloud-based communication integration with web and mobile devices. Likewise, our powerful back-end processing architecture allows for seamless growth of complex healthcare analytics and decision processing.

Splashlight’s secure platform is scalable and accessible all while providing high-tech interoperability of tools for remote diagnosing and monitoring, allowing for a direct impact on quality outcomes. Through technology and innovation, Splashlight is strategically and competitively positioned to be a leader in the telehealth market.

Splashlight Telehealth's innovative solution can help you achieve greater outcomes.