19 Sep 2018

Splashlight Telehealth Releases Innovative Telepresence Solution Designed for Workers’ Compensation and Property & Casualty Markets

DES MOINES, IA, September 19, 2018 — Splashlight Telehealth has announced the launch of a new telepresence product, 3V Recordings. 3V, which stands for Video, Voice and Value, is a major game-changer for the industry. For 40 years, telephonic and in-person recorded statements have been the standard methods of investigating workers’ compensation and property and casualty claims. A major limitation of phone recordings is the lack of face-to-face encounters which impedes accuracy. Inefficiencies with onsite recordings include travel expenses, continuous rescheduling of appointments, and increased cost and time for all parties involved.

With Splashlight’s 3V Recordings, companies obtain immediate visual verification in any claim or investigative process. Instant video export and accurate preservation of information is accomplished with no travel time or travel expense. The virtual visits create positive experiences, establish upfront trust, and develop instant rapport for enhanced communication with a claimant/witness. 3V’s view into visual state and body language also provides an early indication of claimant/witness credibility, and early reporting capabilities allow companies to settle claims faster. Cost savings and increased accuracy are an immediate benefit of the technology.

According to Lisa Gran, CEO, “Our 3V telepresence intake brings needed visualization into the process which allows clients to immediately establish accuracy, empathy, and trust between an adjuster and claimant which improves outcomes. We are excited about the possibilities and uses for our latest platform. There is no upfront implementation time, and our product can be deployed to enhance many important processes in our industry including recorded statements, alive and well checks, case management status checks, vocational job assessments, property damage, and collaborative claim reviews just to name a few.”

3V Recordings is now live and requires no system integration. To view a 3V Recording in action, watch the video below:

Introducing 3V Recordings from Splashlight Telehealth.

About Splashlight
Splashlight offers a unique Reduce, Predict and Prevent solution that works to provide measurable savings to employers, insurance companies, TPAs and other organizations that want to shift from being reactive about rising healthcare costs — to being proactive. To deliver measurable results, the company’s revolutionary solutions break down silos within organizations and bring everyone involved together to rethink how to manage healthcare costs across an entire company.

Splashlight has built solutions that disrupt the traditional Workers’ Compensation mindset and breakdown the silos of the medical insurance industry. The focus is on the wellbeing of individuals not only as employees but as individuals and their family members. Splashlight Telehealth is the latest addition to new cutting-edge solutions provided by Splashlight that are being adopted by the Workers’ Compensation industry. Telehealth joins Pharmacogenetic Testing (Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Drugs), Predictive Opioid Algorithms (Prescriber Identification), The Coaching Choice – Motivational Interviewing and Predictive Analytics (Analysis of Medical Claims Costs and Consumer Data Elements to provide Reduction Models through Coaching). .

Splashlight is one of a select few companies that has been certified as guaranteed to reduce medical costs by the Validation Institute by Care Innovations. To learn more, go to SplashlightSolutions.com.