02 Aug 2018

Splashlight Announces Telehealth Expansion

August 2, 2018. Des Moines, Iowa.  Splashlight today announced the rollout of Splashlight Telehealth further strengthening its alternative disruptive approach in Workers’ Compensation. Adding telehealth represents another important step in support of Splashlight’s better together strategy of providing a full-service solution to employers.  Splashlight answers the proverbial question generated by big data analytics on what actions should be taken with data.

Splashlight Telehealth acquired the software platform created by Consumer Health Connections (CHC). CHC was a forward-looking organization advancing solutions through the application of the latest in analytics and technology capabilities.

Splashlight Telehealth technology will drive quality care when and where it is needed.  The application is outcomes based with cloud computing technology saving time and money, increasing quality and accuracy, and providing an innovative competitive advantage.  The customized telemedicine application functions as a virtual care system complete with video and audio communication capabilities and endless reporting potential.

“By acquiring CHC’s innovative telehealth platform and combining the technology with Splashlight’s existing product portfolio, we can continue to improve injured workers wellbeing and access to quality care and expedite their return to work,” stated Lisa Gran, CEO of Splashlight. “The rollout of Splashlight Telehealth allows our clients to transform Workers’ Compensation access virtually and drive down medical costs.”

About Splashlight

Splashlight offers a unique Reduce, Predict and Prevent solution that works to provide measurable savings to employers, insurance companies, TPAs and other organizations that want to shift from being reactive about rising healthcare costs—to being proactive. To deliver measurable results, the company’s revolutionary solutions break down silos within organizations and bring everyone involved together to rethink how to manage healthcare costs across an entire company.

Splashlight has built solutions that disrupt the traditional Workers’ Compensation mindset and breakdown the silos of the medical insurance industry.  The focus is on the wellbeing of individuals not only as employees but as individuals and family members. Telehealth is the latest addition to new cutting-edge services provided by Splashlight that are being adopted by the Workers’ Compensation industry. Other Splashlight services include Pharmacogenetic Testing (Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Drugs), Predictive Opioid Algorithms (Prescriber Identification), Motivational Interviewing and the Coaching Choice, Predictive Medical Claims Cost Identification and Reduction Models.

Splashlight is one of a select few companies that has been certified as guaranteed to reduce cost by the Validation Institute by Care Innovations.  To learn more, go to splashlightelehealth.com.